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          2017 Decorating Trends We Love

          January 14, 2017News


          Boho was the word of the year in 2016 when it comes to design trends. Think woven wall hangings and elaborate tapestries. Well a new year is here and with it comes an itch for change. Here are some trends to watch in 2017.

          Artisan-Crafted Furniture is big this year. When a piece of furniture is handcrafted by an artisan, rather than mass produced through a factory chain, that instantly adds a distinct and personal touch to any interior space. Handmade products require time, thought and skill which add meaning and value to the piece.

          Gray is HOT in 2017. It was the prominent color for interior design in 2016 and ain’t going anywhere in 2017. We will see a wide range of gray from the almost white to deep, rich shades.
          Gray is complementary to many colors, making it a great go to interior home decor choice.

          Muted colors are the general rule this year. In addition to seeing a lot of gray hues, this year is all about neutrals. White, beige and blush pink are all on trend.

          For a splash of color, green is a great choice in 2017. This trend ranges from lime green to emerald. ?You can go big or keep it subtle with this trend comfortably. A bold room treatment in green is perfectly on trend as is (and far more comfortable for some) smaller accent details.

          Tropical prints are in! This print will continue is appearing in wallpaper and designer fabrics. Sound a bit bold for your taste? A simple throw pillow is a great way to share this trend more conservatively. If you are starting new, an important home decor rule is to purchases a neutral couch. With a simple and versatile couch you can change with the trends by swapping out throw pillows.

          Whatever your pleasure, have fun with it.

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