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          Best Home Design Apps For 2017

          February 3, 2017News


          Due to controversial and rapid advancements in tech, smartphones have become somewhat of our everything. For many, if not most smartphone holders, this pocket sized device is our main life management tool. In addition to games, email, shopping, list making, banking, music storage and daily planning we can also design a home on our smartphones. This is bad news for interior designers.

          As we know decorating rarely goes to plan, the main reason being there’s a big difference between how things look in your head and how they look in reality.

          Now there is an app for that! You can now decorate your home, from the colors on the walls down to the color of the furniture, all from your smartphone.

          Here are five of the top home design apps on the market:


          Homestyler Interior Design – Use this app to makeover a room. Through pictures of the actual space you will be able to choose from a variety of furnishings to choose an arrangement for your space. This is great for those of us that may be spatially challenged and prone to buying furniture that just does not fit in a space.

          Download Homestyler Interior Design for Android here

          Download Homestyler Interior Design for iOS here


          Home Design 3D Gold – This is a great tool for designing a larger project, like a whole house. You can easily throw up walls, doors and windows and add furnishings, followed by a virtual tour of your design.

          Download Home Design 3D Gold here

          Dulux Visualizer – Easy. Snap a photo, choose a colour and start painting. It is a great way to find new paint colors that really work for your home.

          Download Dulux Visualizer for Android here

          Download Visualizer for iOS here


          Magic Plan – This is a great tool for creating floorplans of existing properties. Mark out the walls, floor, ceiling, doors and whatnot of a room. From that, the app makes 2D plans to be exported as PDF, JPG, DXF, HTML or CSV files.

          Download Magic Plan for Android here

          Download Magic Plan for iOS here


          3D room Designer – Created by Crate & Barrel this app gives an idea of how you can decorate, rearrange or transform a room, using 3D models overlaid on to your photos or room templates.

          Download 3D Room Designer for iOS here


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