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          Category: News


          Trends in Assisted Living

          December 29, 2016News

          BlackRock recently completed a large commercial project dubbed The ALZ. Spring Village at Essex, owned and operated by Woodbine Senior Living is a 50 plus bed closed facility for seniors living with Alzheimer’s. This was an exciting project to be a part of, the entire BlackRock team is proud to see such a high level of care brought to Essex, Vermont. As we look toward the future, we look forward to more builds like this one. Here are some trends to look for in assisted living.

          Senior living options will become increasingly popular. While CCRC’s or continuing care retirement communities have been attractive to many aging adults in the past, we are seeing this interest growing. CCRC’s offer continuing care starting with completely independent living and include assisted living, and even nursing home-level care. Residents have access to the care that they need at each life stage without having to move facilities.

          Memory care gets nostalgic. Memory care facilities are using sight, sound, and even smell to help dementia residents retrieve long-term memories. Grounds and living areas designed in styles from the eras they recognize like the 1950s and 1960s bring residents back to the familiar world of their youth. Often items associated with major milestones are placed throughout the facility, such as wedding apparel and baby dolls. Research shows that this type of memory care reduces agitation and anxiety. It can even improve memory in some cases.

          Look for a trend in senior co-housing. Co-housing is an option that has some appeal for a growing number of older adults, it offers the privacy of a single-family home with a sense of community. The advantages of co-housing for seniors include, access to a communal group of caregivers and shared responsibilities easing the burden of some daily activities such as meal prep, yard work and other household chores.

          Senior living will be environmentally conscious. ?Going green! Cost concerns continue to affect the assisted living industry and the economic advantages of going green are undeniable. A growing number of assisted living communities will embrace eco-friendly measures. This shift is also client driven as facilities that embrace the green movement will likely see an increase in resident populations as more eco-conscious people reach retirement age.

          Personal living spaces will see improvements. Many assisted living communities will be adding amenities to attract more seniors to them. ?Additions like walk-in closets, spacious bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchenettes will living spaces feel more like home. Improvements will also move outside, landscaped gardens and beautiful architecture will be a focus to appeal to the eye and heart of residents.

          BlackRock, in association with Hergenrother Industries, currently has opportunities for leasing, purchase and investment in these and other projects, ranging from individual unit purchases to investment fund opportunities. ?



          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or info@blackrockus.com.


          10 Ways To Repurpose Holiday Wrap

          December 23, 2016News

          Alright homeowners, the holidays are here and with the cheers also comes a whole lotta garbage! Part of the fun of the holidays is the gift wrap. Adorning the many gifts you have selected for your family and friends with gorgeous papers, ribbons and tags is all a part of the holiday process. So what happens to all this fanciful wrap after the holidays? Do you burn it? Dump it? Or do you put on your creative thinking cap and repurpose it? Here are 10 great ways to reuse, recycle and reduce the waste of the holidays.


          Shred it into paper confetti for the next holiday. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and just begging for a confetti celebration. Give your age appropriate child a pair of scissors and let them go to town!

          Line plain bookshelves or drawers. This is a really fun way to preserve that holiday wrap that you love. Dressing up a plain set of shelves or drawers by lining them with special paper is a great DIY home project.

          Wrap books for a splash of flair. A great way to preserve the life of your kids textbooks is to wrap the covers in paper. Move over brown bags here come something more festive!

          Make origami! As we look toward the chilly winter months having some inside activities up your sleeve will preserve everyone’s sanity. Watch this tutorial to learn how to repurpose your holiday wrap into beautiful paper sculptures.

          Make envelopes. Use this tutorial to make tiny envelopes. Make envelopes for all of your letter sending needs, because email is fine but snail mail is the best mail.

          Pack with it. Using leftover paper to wrap up fragile items for storage is a great way to save your special items and reuse holiday waste. Start with your holiday ornaments!

          Make paper stars. This tutorial shows you a fun way to recycle your holiday paper into stars.

          Create gift bows to use all year long. Follow these these easy to make beautiful decorative bows. Making bows has never been so easy.

          Fill frames with decorative paper. Are you always looking for creative ways to decorate your home for the holidays? Frame your favorite pieces of leftover paper and enjoy year after year.

          Make placemats. Create placemats for any occasion out of your leftover and discarded holiday wrap. Check out how to DIY placemats for an extra special touch at your next dinner party.


          Home decor can be as small as these fun and easy DIY ideas for repurposing the waste of the holidays. Have some fun with it and reduce your carbon footprint.

          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or info@blackrockus.com.


          Interior Design Trends for Commercial Builds

          December 17, 2016News

          The most important things to consider when designing a commercial interior is?efficiency, being cost-effective and creating a unique and thoughtful space.

          Follow these simple trends to achieve the most of your commercial project.

          1. Furniture Selection – Cost no longer drives this design element but rather functionality. Today’s trends reflect more and more ergonomic design, like adjustable arms on chairs and standing desks. Much like home design organic elements are making their way into furniture design and we are seeing lots of durable materials like woods, metals, and glass. Likely your clients will be looking for quality so why not offer it to them.
          2. Geometric Patterns – Large (or super-scale) design patterns using geometric patterns are showing on trend. This vision expresses personality and makes a memorable impression.
          3. Funky Combos – Designers are getting a little quirky with patterns and textures. Think mismatched tile or paint combinations and roll with this atheistic. This is a fun way to separate your space from the norm and stand out in the crowd. ?
          4. Deep Colors – Referencing back to organic and natural elements being the flavor of the year the trend in commercial interior color is deep, cooling, natural tones. Charcoal, gray, ivory, stone, and taupe are a few colors that come to mind. Often a simple deep color palette is accented by a?splash of the unexpected, bright orange or vivid blue to make a statement.
          5. Open Floor Plans – The days of small isolated cubicles are behind us, today’s work space is light and friendly. Separate desks with low or transparent panels, or none at all. Keeping work space open promotes communication and the sharing of knowledge.

          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or?info@blackrockus.com. To learn more about Hergenrother Realty Commercial division contact Jay Mitiguy at?802.324.8500 or jay@herggroup.com.?



          Small Office Design Ideas

          December 10, 2016News

          You do not always need a spare room or a huge master bedroom to set up a work-space in your home. Brilliant work-friendly spaces can emerge from a spare corner. Here are some ideas for beautiful small functional office spaces.

          A little sunlight should never cramp your design style. Set a small desk and chair in front of a window and fill an empty corner with a tall bookcase or filing cabinets. Match the new furniture to the rest of the room décor to make this office nook blend seamlessly with the rest of the décor.

          Working at a traditional desk will not make you more productive. I know, hard to believe! Rather choose a charming armoire to act as a hefty storage cabinet for stashing your special dishes, stemware and the family silver but give it double duty as it serves as your desk as well. ?Simple reserve some of that abundant storage for your office needs and pull up a chair … a small space with big results!

          Transform your bedroom with a few key pieces (desk, chair, floating shelves) to have it double duty as an efficient work area. If you can keep the spaces separate and clear while maintaining a decorating theme throughout.

          Put that spare corner to work! Be liberal with the space you carve out, even a formal living room can accommodate a work zone. Sneak in a table, chair, and a few office accessories to create a space you can get comfortable and be productive in.

          There is no space too small for a pop up office space. Never overlook a space, including the hallway. If you happen to have a hall area that is wide enough prop up a desk and slim seat against that wallpaper you keep meaning to tear down and get to work.

          Use the whole wall for storage. When storage space is hard to come by a bare wall can be an asset. Consider building up rather than out. Simple, easy-to-install floating shelves are a super practical way of breaking up a wall. Tip: Paint the wall a bright color with contrasting neutral shelving, a pop of color is always a design win.

          No more excuses, find the use-able space in your home and get to work!

          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or?info@blackrockus.com.



          10 Simple, Festive Holiday Décor Ideas

          December 3, 2016News

          Looking for new ways to deck the halls? Get inspired for the holiday season with these fun and easy ideas!

          A Twist on a Traditional Wreath

          Instead of the traditional green, try a homemade wreath of citrus fruits. Start with a circular piece of florist’s foam, then use wooden florist’s picks to secure large items, such as oranges, first. Continue with smaller fruit―kumquats, clementines, limes. Tie with a decorative ribbon.

          Personalized Place Settings

          Great for a buffet style holiday gathering! Wrap each dish in a sheet of white or brown parchment paper and tie with a ribbon before stacking it. Add a decorative touch such as a sprig of berries or paper star to add flair.

          Bring in the Green

          Be liberal with the garlands. Lush greenery draped throughout the house creates a festive atmosphere and provides a beautiful woodsy aroma.

          A Natural Garland

          ?String pine-cones you find or purchase a them pre-strung at a craft store to make an DIY garland. Tie a tasteful bow in the middle so you can center it perfectly over a doorway, then tack it up and enjoy.

          ?Manhandle the Mantel

          Create an elegant look on your mantle. Alternate white votive’s and an elegant potted white flower in a row. Tip: Amaryllis bulbs can be re-potted and will bloom again next winter.

          Give the Front Door Flair

          Tie big silver jingle bells to the front doorknob with decorative ribbon. Guests will feel your holiday spirit as soon as they arrive to your home.

          Dress Up the Stemware

          Tie small ornaments with a festive ribbon to the stem of each glass for a little holiday party flair. ?Tip: Choosing a different color for every glass will help guests keep track of their glass.

          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or?info@blackrockus.com.



          Ben Durant | Welcome to the Team!

          November 23, 2016News

          Ben Durant joins Hergenrother Enterprises as the Vice President of Investor Relations for Hergenrother Capitol. Hergenrother Capital employs a strategic, disciplined investment approach guided by our experience, vision, and dedication to excellence. Our goal is to empower people, grow companies, and acquire, develop, and improve properties. The realization of these goals serves to bring tremendous benefit not only to investors, but the future as well. Through our commitment and focus we believe that we can guide both investors and investments to achieve and realize unlimited success. Our vision is to connect people, properties, and ideas that can better the world with the capital needed to do so.

          Hergenrother Capital is led by a dedicated team of experienced industry professionals whose entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence bring tremendous value to both investors and investments.

          Our team oriented strategy incorporates 30+ years of combined real estate, finance, and business development experience to fuel and enhance the growth of businesses and properties. Our team of professionals is experienced in strategic acquisition, development, financing, asset management, and sales and marketing. This diverse background allows Hergenrother Capital to recognize and profit from opportunities in all market cycles.

          As VP of Investor Relations, Ben Durant focuses on finding and evaluating development projects for their sound investment potential. Ben has a strong entrepreneurial background and has either been a business owner or involved with start-ups for most of his career. Ben is highly analytical and is adept at understanding the ins and outs of a deal and is skilled at conveying the backstory to his clients. Much of his early career was in lending where he became indoctrinated in the concepts at risk. Ben prides himself on being a trusted adviser and is driven to match investors with winning development opportunities that match their risk profiles.

          Ben lives in Williston, VT with his wife, Amy, and three children, Adelaide, Eloise, and Truman.

          Join us in welcoming Ben to the Hergenrother family, we look forward to achieving great things together.

          To learn more about Hergenrother Capitol and our investment opportunities contact Ben Durant at bendurant@blackrockus.com or 802.861.1132.


          39th Annual Better Homes Awards!

          November 18, 2016News

          BlackRock Construction Wins Four Categories at 39th Annual Better Homes Awards

          The 39th Better Homes Award ceremony, were hosted this year on November 15th ?at the UVM Davis Center in Burlington. The event was extremely well organized and thoughtful. The décor was tasteful, service was great and the food was delicious; I understand the cheesecake dessert was a crowd pleaser. Many small details were taken into consideration including a large screen behind the podium to project the winning project as the attendee accepting the award spoke. The awards themselves, handsome plaques were customized with an image from the winning project. Very classy.

          BlackRock Construction proudly won four award for the best construction projects in the following categories: ‘New Kitchen 150 sq. ft. and Under’, ‘New Kitchen 151 sq. ft. and Over’, ‘New Single Family Home $174/sq. ft. and Under ‘and ‘New Single Family Home $175/sq. ft. – $275/sq. ft.’. All of the BlackRock Construction project entries are custom-built, custom-designed family homes. Each project was entered with careful consideration to be a solid representation of the quality of work that BlackRock offers to all its clients.

          Tom Hergenrother, co-owner and residential construction manager of BlackRock Construction accepted the awards on behalf of the company. Hergenrother said, “This is a huge moment for BlackRock. There were so many quality builders represented at the Better Homes Awards, and we are thrilled to come out on top and have our team recognized for their hard work, dedication and passion for housing design.”

          Hergenrother and the BlackRock leadership team acknowledge all of the subcontractors and suppliers who helped build the recognized homes, along with the photographers Nicolas Gentile and Joey Jones for capturing these projects so beautifully.

          The Better Homes Awards is a longstanding tradition of The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont. The Awards celebrate, recognize, and highlight fine Craftsmanship, excellence in housing design, architecture, interior design, landscaping, and remodeling.

          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or?info@blackrockus.com.


          Mixing Wood Finishes | Tips to Know!

          November 12, 2016News

          A key element to decorating a home is a mix of pattern, texture and color. For those of us that do not buy all our furniture at once but rather gather our furniture and décor as we go along. Furniture can be inherited, found and purchased in variety of styles and with a variety of wood finishes. Keep things interesting, allow your décor to steer away from the rather flat vision of matching wood floors and furniture finishes. Here are 5 great tips to making it work …

          Consider the grain: Do your wood pieces have a grain? Pair pieces with similar grain pattern or size to create a pleasing visual in your room. Larger wood grains are more casual while smaller wood grains more elegant. Choose whoever suits you but stick with it.

          Be aware of highlights and low-lights! Look carefully at the wood pieces you select for your home. Compare the undertones of movable furniture to your more stationary wood pieces, like the floor, and make sure they match regardless of the finish. Pair a dark wood table with a lighter wood floor, just be sure they share the same undertones. Wood finishes don’t need to match, but they should complement each other.

          Embrace white: White paint and room features are a bit of magic when fitting multiple finishes into the same room. White and wood go together like peanut butter and jelly. A perfect pairing! Use white throughout the room to separate the finishes and create balance.

          Be reasonable: Do not go crazy with a huge variety of wood finishes in your space, chose two or three types of finish and repeat these throughout the space. You want to live and entertain in a creative but not chaotic space.

          Separate your woods: Use a rug or carpet to separate a wood table from a wood floor. This simple separation helps distract the eye from the differences in the wood and creates a great vignette.

          There are no concrete rules for decorating, you should go with your gut … or your grain and create a living space that is appealing to you. Love the home you live in.

          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or?info@blackrockus.com.


          Home Architecture | Styles We Love

          November 4, 2016News

          Every house has a style. Some have two or more; due to renovations and new, eclectic mixes, fitting a home into one specific category can be tricky. “Throughout history, buildings have been pushed, pulled, poured and stretched into all sorts styles.” Architecture is truly a tangible reminder of evolving tastes and interests. Here are just a few of the many styles to choose from.

          Townhouse – Mostly found in urban areas, the row house, more commonly known as the townhouse, became popular in the early 19th century due?to limited space and the financial benefits for the architect and builder. Homes built in this style can be built quickly and on a smaller area of land. Row-house design is dictated by practicality; typically, they are two stories or more with a traditional layout, and a smaller outside space.

          Craftsman – Craftsman style homes came out of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The emphasis is on natural materials such as wood, stone and brick. Expansive front porches and low-pitched roofs are commonly found with this style of home. Within the home an open floor plan often features built-in furniture, large fireplaces and exposed beams.

          Contemporary – Contemporary refers to the building styles of today, this can vary in design and appearance. This style tends to connect indoors and outdoors. Contemporary homes emphasize energy efficiency, sustainable materials, lots of natural light and the use of recycled non-toxic materials.

          Colonial – Colonial architecture originated in the 1600’s, due to the mix of?American settlers the styles varied greatly. Colonial architecture is known for symmetry and characterized by evenly spaced shuttered windows. Evenly proportioned dormers, columns and chimneys also complement this formal style.

          Mid-Century Modern – Born in the early 1940’s mid-century modern architecture flourished through to the 1980’s. This style is based on new ideas, mindsets and a forward-thinking style, and characterized by flat planes, large windows and wide open space. Simplistic style and integrating nature are very strong traits of this home design style. World War II brought new materials such as steel and plywood to architecture and design. Post war there was also a focus on building neighborhoods and this style was a very popular one during this evolution.

          While these are just a few of the many home design styles you will find throughout the world they are some that we see often in Vermont and find comforting, familiar and beautiful.

          To learn more about?Architectural Styles?visit: https://www.architecture.com/Explore/ArchitecturalStyles/Architecturalstyles.aspx

          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or?info@blackrockus.com.


          Interior Design | Trends To Love In 2017

          October 29, 2016NewsUncategorized

          Trends, are by definition “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.” Like the people who inhabit them homes are a developing, ever-changing canvas. We like to think of trends as guidelines or suggestions. Some suit you and some do not, some are timeless and some certainly go out of style. We are always excited about trends because they tell us a lot about the world and people. If you are building a new home or renovating your current home, look out for the following trends to include for 2017.

          Terracotta! The world of tiles is filled with a fascinating array of colors, patterns, styles, finishes, and of course, textures. The tile that you select can often determine more of your home design. A timeless classic that is reminiscent of gorgeous Spanish Revival interiors is the terracotta tile. Terracotta creates a special feeling of warmth and hominess that other mediums do not.

          Cork! This is a naturally decorative and modern alternative to traditional coverings. Cork is available in a variety of styles, patterns and shades to compliment a variety of décor or furniture styles. We are seeing cork used for remarkably fun wall or ceiling covering, creating a unique ascetic in any room. Cork comes in tile or roll form and can be utilized in a large format or for smaller accents.

          Jewel Tones! 2017 is all about embracing your royal side with deep jewel tones like teal, turquois, deep blue, rich purple and emerald green. The more traditional light and neutral colors are certainly pleasing and calming but a palate of rich jewel tones can make any room feel like it belongs in a palace. These luscious hues can be used for full wall color or just a pop to take your home to the next level.

          Fancy Headboards! Think luxury hotel … The headboard is a charming design detail in any bedroom. It is not imperative to have one but can be a beautiful central focal point. Fabric upholstered headboards are a relatively affordable way to add serious impact to the bedroom. They create a soft and inviting look and are open to many style interpretations. If drama isn’t your thing, keep it simple, crisp, clean and modern. However, do not be afraid to go BOLD in 2017, a large, luxurious fabric headboard is right on trend.

          Nooks! Tucking away for a little privacy is becoming increasingly important in this fast-paced world. Nooks are the perfect way utilize and odd corner and these cozy places can be adapted with different shapes and styles depending on the architecture of the home. Depending on the location of your nook you will need to select the perfect piece of furniture to compliment this cozy space. Think comfy … make this nook a true space of escape.

          These are just a few interior design details you can incorporate into your home. If we can determine anything from these forecasted trends it is be BOLD and embrace luxury in 2017!


          Read more about design trends for 2017:




          To learn more about BlackRock Construction, our team and what we can build for you contact 802.861.1120 or info@blackrockus.com.