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          Register for a FREE Investing Webinar with Ben Durant!

          February 8, 2017News


          Join Ben Durant for his free webinar,?Hot New Way for You to Invest in Real Estate and Build Wealth! Ben will be?uncovering one of the most exciting new trends in real estate investing that allows the average investor to access some of the most exclusive and lucrative deals. ?He’ll reveal the secrets to teach you to begin earning passive income and build wealth.

          The 30-minute FREE webinar will cover:

          • Why you need to know about real estate syndication
          • The five key benefits of investing in real estate syndicates
          • Real estate syndicates and why they are not for everyone
          • Publicly Traded REITs vs. Private syndicate
          • How to find syndication opportunities when most aren’t advertised

          Click here?to register for the webinar!


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