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          Weird Home Decor Trends

          January 7, 2017News


          Designing your new home is one of the most exciting things you may experience in your life. Creating a living space your you and your loved ones is a great responsibility. What a treat to make a space that exemplifies your personal style and meets your needs. ?

          History shows a huge variety of what is home, caves transitioned to huts, castles and today a variety of closed structures. Sometimes the environment and landscape dictates the home design more than the preference of homeowner. And sometimes the home’s design veers toward the weird. Many people like to incorporate the unusual and humorous when it comes to decorating a home. For these fun loving folks little pieces that can be added to a design to give a home a unique, and downright laughable look. Check out these “weird” home decor trends!

          1. Hyper-Realistic Wallpaper – Hyper-realism is a genre art resembling high-resolution photograph. This trend is being seen transferred onto wallpaper in homes. Images range from relatively tame nature landscapes, tree bark and water droplets to the extreme ?fantasy images, anime and realistic human faces.
          2. Bizarre Bathroom Sinks – Bathroom sinks have taken a turn from function to funky. We are seeing unusual shapes, textures and straight up sculptured sinks as the newest bathroom trend.
          3. Taxidermy – Fluffed and stuffed, taxidermy is back in style and not just for your creepy uncle. To add to the weird, animals are being posed to express a bit of humor and a touch of whimsy.
          4. Outlandish Carpets – We are seeing a huge rise in weird rug design. Images of animals, human faces and fantastical creatures are greeting us from the floor.
          5. Birds – “Put a bird on it.” Bird art, throw pillows, duvets and more are becoming part of mainstream home design. Adorn your home with a touch of humor!

          What is your personal style? Would you introduce any of these trends into your home design?

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